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Help & Support

We have a mailing list where you can ask the CoppeTeX team and users about any problem you are experiencing.

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Download CoppeTeX

The CoppeTeX project was conceived in the hope that it will be useful for you. We will be grateful if you acknowledge the CoppeTeX project in your publications. To do so, you should use the \CoppeTeX macro, which is defined in the file coppe.cls.

Don't forget that you must read and comply with the license terms.

Latest stable release

The latest stable release can be downloaded from below. For a ready-to-use template, go to the Documentation page.

filename size (bytes) date

After downloading, decompress and install it into a TEXMF tree of your preference. More details about installation can be found at the documentation page.

If you are interested in older versions of CoppeTeX, please visit the releases archive at


The most up-to-date source files can be checked out from our SVN repository with the following command:

svn co coppetex

The sources of a specific branch can be retrieved by typing:

svn co coppetex-M.N

where M.N is any valid version number, for example 1.0.

If you don't have any SVN client available, you can get one here. If you still don't know what SVN is, you can download the sources snapshot of the current release from below:

filename size (bytes) date

We would like to emphasize that these files may not contain the most up-to-date code. The only guaranteed way of getting the latest sources is by checking out the trunk directory of the SVN repository as explained above. For older snapshots, go to the download archives.

Instructions on how to install CoppeTeX from sources are given at the documentation page.